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SEO Services with a difference

Are you tired of paying for digital marketing services without getting results? Here at Valued SEO we have developed a method of working where you don’t pay until you see real results. As a selective SEO service it isn’t for every business, so see if your website is suitable with a free SEO analysis. Click the links below to get started.

Our Services

Keyword Analysis

We look at data from your website and niche, to devise a strategy to increase your search engine rankings. Targeting a mix of quick win traffic gainers and longer term keyword targets.

Link Audit

We carry out detailed analysis of your links to make sure your profile isn't at risk of manual actions from spammy links. As part of this process we identify link opportunities to increase the quality of your profile.

Link Building

We build high quality links to boost your rankings and increase traffic. Our experienced team target a diverse range of relevant links which also drive refferal traffic for best results.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing your market is important, in order to set accurate goals and make improvements. From link opportunities to successful content strategies, we find the best solutions in your field.

On-Page Optimisation

We analyse your on page content and make changes to increase rankings for current keywords and target new keywords. This can range from small wording changes to complete content redesign.

Local SEO

We specialise in helping small to medium sized businesses grow by targeting local keywords. Making sure your potential customers find your first where ever you're based.

What Makes Us DIfferent?


The key to our method is that we are a selective agency. We only take on clients where we believe we are able to make a significant difference to their traffic and ultimately revenue. Our careful analysis phase will help us to determine this. As a client this means that your account will get the care and attention needed to see real results, instead of paying for months of services which may never make a difference to your website.

Pay On Results

Because of this selectivity we are able to offer our services on a pay on results basis. For more details click on the link below to find out how this can help your business grow.

Digital Starter Package

As part of all our services we carry out our digital starter package which is designed to cover all the basic areas of optimisation and ensure that your website is set up and ready to go. This is the only upfront cost we charge and is available as a standalone package if you do not require ongoing services.

For more information click the below

Small - Medium Sized Specialists

We understand that getting high quality SEO services can be expensive and seemingly out of the reach for small and growing businesses. Our services are specially designed with this in mind to ensure that you can afford to get expert assistance within the budgetary restraints of your company.

Local SEO Experts

Due to the nature of the companies we work with we specialise in getting local businesses off the ground, generating organic traffic and revenue.

Focus On Traffic & Revenue

Unlike some agencies we focus on increasing your revenue. While we aim to achieve this by increasing your search engine rankings and attracting more traffic, we carefully analyse the sources to ensure the traffic generated is relevant and will convert for your goals.

Pay On Results

How it works

With our unique payment method, we work with you to ensure the campaigns we run are cost effective and successful. Here is a summary of how we start the SEO process.

1 - Free Analysis

Submit your website to us using the form below and we will start with a completely free analysis. We will take a look at your site and see how we can help.

2 - Digital Starter Package

Our Digital Starter Package is designed to help small-medium & local businesses get a head start on their competition, by ensuring all the basics of website optimisation are covered.

This is the only upfront cost we charge. If you are just looking for a tune up or template for your search engine optimisation then you can purchase the package as a one off. If you are looking for long term assistance with your digital marketing there is a 50% discount available*

For more information about the Digital Starter Package click the button below

*50% discount available for 12 month pay on results customers

3 - Benchmark

Once we have identified areas we can help your site, we will dig through your current data to establish and agree a benchmark for where your website currently sits. This means that you will only be paying for improvements in your traffic & revenue above this level!

4 - Agree Goals

Now we can agree goals to improve and grow your website, ultimately make you more money! We will use our analysis to set data-led targets and show you which areas of your website we think can be improved.

5 - Begin Optimisation

Here is where the fun begins! We will start optimising your website to improve your rankings, traffic and revenue. Our initial analysis will guide the work, with both quick-win improvements and long term strategies put in place.

6 - Pay Based On Revenue Increase

Only once you are making more money than you were previously do you pay us! There really is nothing to lose. We will report monthly on the website position, what work has been carried out and what we have planned ongoing.


How it works

Our Digital Starter Package aims to make sure your website has all the basics covered to be optimised for search engines. Think of it as an MOT for your website to fix any basic errors and give you a template to use for your ongoing marketing efforts.

Who is it for?

This package is a for small to medium sized websites specialising in local businesses. Unsure the Digital Starter Package is right for your website? Fill in your details below and we will carry out a free analysis of your website and give our recommendations.

Digital Starter Package

£ 500
  • Detailed Keyword Analysis
  • On-page Optimisation For All Key Pages
  • Optimised Content Template Designed For Your Niche
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Link Audit & Strategy
  • Analytics & Tracking Optimisation

Free website SEO Analysis

Use the form below to tell us about your project to see if we are a good fit. We will then do some initial analysis on your website to identify any areas we could help.

Want to ask some questions first? You can email us at


See what our client say about us…

As a small start up business with little SEO experience I didn't think I would be able to afford digital marketing services at this stage of my business. James was brilliant in helping optimise my website and increasing my organic visibility. In the first 2 months my main target keyword went from page 2 to spot 4! My organic traffic has increased dramatically and I have been able to start two new classes due to the increase in customers. Thank you so much!!!
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